Friday, 8 February 2008

We Are Not Amused

Humour is not funny, claims a scientific expert. He says rigorous tests have proven that while humour may indeed exist, the existence of that which is called funny has not been proven. People do laugh and seem to derive amusement from what they imagine to be funny, he said, but this is merely a breakdown in the logical functions of the mind, which having exhausted its intellectual resources in searching for a rational response to the senseless irrationality of that which purports to be funny, results in the undignifed last resort of laughter, both auditory and silent inner amusement.

If reason is to triumph and the future to be as bright as it promises to be, this superstitious exercise in illogical ignominy must be overcome, he said. One day, he added, mankind will look back upon this period and experience whatever physiological process will have replaced laughter when reflecting on the childishness of the development of our reasoning powers.


Selena Dreamy said...

And so we arrive neatly at the bankruptcy of a British institution that is steeped in nothing but hilarity and mirth: The Comedy.

Andrew K said...

It's a relief to all of us to be backed by scientific rigour when claiming that phenomena such as the shit comedy, Friends to mention one, really are shit.