Saturday, 16 February 2008

El Greco

El Greco, for all the obviously genuine intenstity of his mystical vision, has been a very controversial figure in art, and even wallowed in obscurity for several hundred years, kept from view due to his presumed blasphemies perhaps both in the nature of his hallucinatory art and of his religious sensibilities. Notice, for example, the seductive manner in which the woman, presumably Magdalene, is holding the cross and looking towards Jesus and also the suggestively onanistic, orgasmic pose of the angel beside her.
(A couple of clicks to enlarge.)
And perhaps related to such unexpectedly sexual insertions within conventional Christian imagery, the painting below, The Knight with His Hand on His Breast, displaying a very obvious esoteric hand signal, meant presumably for those with eyes to see, not that it's exactly concealed.

And in the Disrobing of Christ below, Christ is displaying the same hand sign, as is the female in the left foreground.

And the same unnatural hand gesture recurs repeatedly through Greco's works, such as below in The Penitent Magdalene. Unnatural in the sense that is a consciously made sign, not a natural or comfortable spread of the hand.

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