Thursday, 7 February 2008

Michael Parenti

Lots of links to political analyst, Michael Parenti, at the ever valuable Antagonist blog, worth dipping a toe or two into.

Edit: corrected link


Neil Forsyth said...

Listened to some of those lectures by Parenti. Speaks my langauage alright. Might give one of his books a try. I'm just an old leftie malcontent. Thanks for the pointer.

Andrew K said...

You've dipped deeper than me so far, not thru lack of interest...will certainly delve deeper. Initially the level of his feeling is almost alarming, so strange is it to see that depth of emotion in public presentation, but that integrity then is also what appeals.

The Antagonist said...

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the link and glad you and your readers are finding Parenti's ventings of use and interest.

Parenti certainly puts the traditionally vaunted pundits and political commentators, particularly those who purport to be in some way 'radical', to a great deal of much deserved shame.

Worth checking out also is another Parenti talk, "Class AND Conspiracy".

Andrew K said...

Cheers, Ant. Watched some more of him earlier, and someone of genuine concentrated power.