Friday, 22 February 2008

A System

William Blake wrote "I must create a system or be enslaved by another man's." Though whether a system is self-created or created by another is irrelevant to the nature of a system, and one's place within it.
The self as a cursor within a computer programme.


Anonymous said...

Most of humanity is enslaved to a system which was pretty much designed by the Knights Templar (the first international banksters) and is now controlled by the Vatican

Neil Forsyth said...

Systems - political, social, philosophical - are necessary constructs. We need them to make sense of things. Life is fragmentary otherwise and makes little sense. Iris Murdoch put it nicely: we see parts of things, we intuit wholes. The problems arise when systems become too complex and cumbersome and we lose our way. Or, the conditions under which they were originally contrived no longer pertain, but no alternative seems possible. We can see examples of this everywhere today. For example, so many people have no idea how the social and political system they are part of actually works in theory or in practice. Some think they do but don't and others don't care. Those in charge like it this way, for obvious reasons.

Anonymous said...

Blake's own system - his weird mythology of the 4 Zoas etc. - is testament that any system tends to a certain inhumanity, a baroque elaboration which seems worryingly distant from the experience of day to day life.

In academia i met people who almost worshipped the system because it gave them honour of a spurious kind ('Professor'). Slaves, as i think you put it once.

BrdlyHys said...

"the self as a cursor"--I like that! I actually do feel quite often more cursory than constant or substantive. On the other hand, however much I am enslaved in reality (to food, air, lager, and let's not forget the Knights Templar (?)...), I feel remarkably free. Could it be a by-product of having authored or edited a part of the system that enslaves me, and in so doing taking ownership in a small way for that system? How big does your brain have to be for the world to fit inside it?

Andrew K said...

I suppose then, Brad, you might be talking about the difference between life and an intellectual version of it, into which the human tries to fit his amorphous entity. And not being this solid finite cursor that fits neatly into intellectual systems or constructs is very inconsiderate of the human, if you ask me.

I think we ourselves have authoreed life as much as anyone else has. There's a great Roky Erikson song, I Have Been Here Before, not that I'm sure that's relevant, but either way, if you can come across Julian Cope's version of it, it's amazing.

Anonymous said...

BrdlyHys, if you feel free in the current system that is imposed on society, then you simply don't understand the system or who is running it, and presumably you know little about the Knights Templar who designed the system, and became extremely wealthy and powerful, and later their wealth and power was given the the Knights of Malta, who have increased that wealth and power and pretty much control the world to this day, the Knights of Malta own the worlds international banking, and if you really do imagine you are free then you could consider studying the central banking systems and who profits by them (effectively tax-payers work for the bankers) take a look at the Federal Reserve in america and the central bank of england, the Knights of Malta also control the worldwide medical cartel (rockefellars for example). The Knights of Malta also own the mainstream newsmedia worldwide, as well as insurance and even the secret intelligence agencies such as MI6, CIA, MOSSAD etc etc.

Alot of people imagine they are "free", living in a "free society", but if you realise how corrupt the control-system is, and you were to make an effort to oppose it, you would quickly realise how little freedoms you actually have. If you are american you have a president who stole 2 elections through largescale voter-fraud. In UK the British people had no choice in Gordon Browns promotion to Prime Minister, they still have a "royal" monarchy and soon they are to be rail-roaded into the EU without any control to stop it, and when Britain does enter the EU the British people will really have lost any remaining control they had over their country (the new Lisbon Treaty will give all major decisions to Brussels and no member state will be in a position to refuse any future rulings from Brussels), the politicains and big-businesses rule in most countries of the world now, the tax-payers are funding them, it isn't that long ago that countries enforced conscription into their militaries (the people fighting wars for the rich elite) and both UK and US have discussed introducing conscription again, how free will you feel if you or your friends are sent to Iraq or Afganistan to kill people you have never met, for the profit of the rich elite who control the oil-fields, heroin production, military contracts etc, and a refusal to accept conscrition will mean prison, as will desertion. How much do you pay each year to contribute towards paying the "national debt", who gets that money??? What about when large "carbon tax" dollars are added to everything, who do you think will get that money? Do you feel free handing over your hard-earned money to the rich elite. Do you run a petrol or disel engined car? Do you feel free handing over money to the oil companies to run your car, despite technology for free-energy engines have been invented many decades ago, which have all been surpressed by the oil companies.
Or what about state-run education, which is being increasingly dumbed-down but is also full of lies and half-truths in various subjects, such as history and the sciences. Society is certainly not "free" and you aren't free, not in the sense that "free" is understood. Most people have know idea how enslaved they are in society, mostly because what is around them is all they know, people accept the evil corrupt "medical" system without questioning it enough, people eat the disgusting chemical ridden food without really thinking about why the food-chain is so corrupted and how it is affecting their health, and why it should be very different in a "free society". The political system is totally corrupt and big businesses rule society. At the top these big businesses are controlled by the Knights of Malta (who are pretty much the follow on from the Knights Templars) who themselves are controlled by the Vatican. See how the Knights of Malta have PERMAMENT observer status on the UN.

Andrew K said...

We all should educate ourselves to the nature of worldly power, but we should still be careful about this information not dominating our consciousness. That would be an example of being enslaved within a mental system described in the initial post, rather than the truth setting one free in the purity of our own experience of life.
I've quoted Victor Pelevin before on a similar thing:

"Solzhenitsyn’s books were very anti-Soviet, but they didn’t liberate you, they only made you more enslaved as they explained to which degree you were a slave. The Master and Margarita didn’t even bother to be anti-Soviet yet reading this book would make you free instantly. It didn’t liberate you from some particular old ideas, but rather from the hypnotism of the entire order of things."

Anonymous said...

I would disagree with Pelevins view, being educated about the system you are trapped in is a first step towards freedom. I guess you have heard the phrase that the most enslaved people are those who don't even realise they are slaves.

Vadim Zeland is another russian writer, somewhat similar to Pelvin in one sense, but Zeland is non-fiction, his work is soon to be translated to english, and was considered a huge success towards educating people to free-thinking. He mostly discusses the mind, and how to escape the system we have been conditioned to accept. He also identifies the Vatican as the power centre, but he doesn't say alot about the Vatican, more about the state of mind and how to think clearly and free from the conditioning and brainwashing society is subjected to from the earliest age. Look out for his book, Transurfing Reality, numerous volumes.