Saturday, 21 May 2022


Tony Blair has just released his newest single, I and the World Are One.

Sunday, 15 May 2022

Civil War

Why do civil wars so frequently follow successful wars of independence - where rather than enjoy this new freedom from a foreign ruler and generally oppressor, so often divisions immediately lead to more war. People can point to the particular details that lead to such divisions and strife, but I think the real  or deeper reason is you can’t just neatly put a lid on the kind of very powerful, violent energies that have been let loose during war, regardless of whether the cause that instigated them has seemingly been won. Similarly you can’t just ask a gambling addict why doesn’t he just quit his self-harming addiction since it doesn’t make rational sense for him to go on with it.

Saturday, 14 May 2022

Camp Preference

“Which would you prefer - to be in a concentration camp run by the far left or by the far right?”
“I don’t think I’d have much in the way of preference.”
“But while if you were in one run by the far right you’d just be a victim of evil, if you were in one run by the far left, you’d still have the joyful consolation of knowing this was part of a beautiful project leading to future bliss for everyone worthy of living in this future bliss.”
“And what about everyone not deemed worthy?”
“Well they end up in the concentration camps, but they’d realise, if they had a conscience, that they’d still be playing their part in some sense for the future. Like manure. So which camp now would you prefer to be in?”
“I still don’t think I’d have much preference either way.”
“God, you’re stubborn!”

Friday, 13 May 2022

Song of Life


The Steppin’ Razor mix here by Underworld of a track by Leftfield from 1992. Preferably give it a bit of volume.

Monday, 9 May 2022

Hottest Ticket in Rock

U2 have just announced they will soon be embarking on their Tax Exiles for Freedom World Tour. Bono bestowed the following words, along with permission to faithfully reproduce them, to certain members of the press whose presence was deemed merited on grounds of both journalistic and spiritual integrity: “Tax exiles are some of the most vulnerable, victimised and misrepresented peoples on this beautiful Mother Earth. These adrift and scattered souls, these beautiful children of our beautiful Mother Earth, are punished for their success and are forced to flee from persecution to these tax havens, these so-called safe places, which are safe in name only. These exiles’ culture and past have been ripped from them, and now they lie, naked and exposed on the slab of modernity, their extreme wealth offering them but the flimsiest protection from the prying eyes of a cruel world. We, the rock group U2, want to let these displaced peoples know they too now have a voice. And some of them are our neighbours.”

Saturday, 7 May 2022


“If you were about to pour fresh milk from a container into a jug, but then you noticed that the milk that was already in the bottom of the jug was sour and lumpy, what would you do? You’d smash the jug, wouldn’t you?”
“No, why would I smash it?!”
“You’d hardly just pour the lovely fresh milk in on top of the sour stuff, would you?”
“I’d clean out the jug, and after a good wash then I’d pour the fresh milk into it.”

Friday, 6 May 2022

Not Going

This is not going to be satirical. When is it not going to be satirical? In the future I suppose. But what about in the present - is it going to be satirical then? I can’t say about that. I thought I’d covered everything, but it turns out I hadn’t really covered anything.

Saturday, 30 April 2022

Vermeer, Girl Reading


Girl Reading a Letter by an Open Window by Vermeer. I think Aldous Huxley described Vermeer as a painter of human still lives. Interesting how much of the picture is taken up by all that space above the woman. Minutes later I see that this painting was restored in 2021 to how Vermeer originally completed it,  with much less of that empty space that I’d found so unusual.

Friday, 29 April 2022

Another Extract

Another extract from Barrack Obama’s new book, A Call to Truth - How to Follow My Dreams:

Bono looked deep into my intelligent, beautiful eyes. 
“Yes Bono.”
“Yes Bono?”
“Barack Obama.”
“Yes Bono, that’s my name.”
“Yes, but before now it was just a name. It wasn’t truly your name. Now you must make it yours. Do you understand?”
“I think I understand, Bono.”
“There is no thinking. There is only understanding. Now do you understand?”
“Yes Bono. Now I understand.”

Shit TV and Censorship

The songs keep on coming, and a new release has been unveiled by Deep State Cabal called Shit TV and Censorship, which apparently has a bit of a 70s disco vibe going on. A snippet of lyrics below:

You say you need love
But all you really need 
Is shit tv and censorship

Thursday, 28 April 2022


 A song by Lal Waterson, posted for my mum who similarly shared a love of gardening, and for whom this song struck a chord.

Tuesday, 26 April 2022

Good Nazi

“I always used to say, The only good Nazi is a dead Nazi.”
“You did. I remember you used to say that all right.”
“But you know what I say now?”
“The only good Nazi is a Ukrainian Nazi.”
“There’s a subtle shift in meaning there.”

Monday, 25 April 2022

Book Launch

Noted author Barack Obama has a new book out, Call to Truth - How To Follow My Dreams. This is how the book opens:

I always knew I was special. There was something about me. I could feel it, and people like Joe Biden and Bono could feel it too. And not only could we feel it, more importantly we knew it. I will share here some of the steps that will enable you to participate as an equal and active shareholder in that knowledge also - whoever you may or may not be.

The Populace

A new song from those perennial hard working rockers, The Populace, has just been released. It’s titled Love Song to Our Leaders (Curb Our Freedoms Now) and very much harks back to the golden age of long-haired anthemic, stadium rock songs of years past. Some lyrics below (remember these are belted out in full voice):

You say you gotta protect our freedom
By taking some freedoms away
Well that’s fine by me
It’s perfectly okay
From Monday to Sunday
I believe what you say
Cos you’ve got that air of credibility
And it’s not goin’ away.
And when the time is right
When we’ve passed through that dark night
If we haven’t yet died
We’ll come out the other side
We’ll crawl out of the sack
Cos you’ve given our freedoms back!
I love you
love you
love you
For giving our freedoms back
In the future
That you had to take away in the present.

Saturday, 23 April 2022


 A blurry photo of a picture I did.

Paradise Lost

Adam and Eve are cast out of paradise as a result of transgression - the natural view of this as punishment imposed on them by a disrespected God.
However the first result of their eating of disobeying God, of tarnishing their connection to the divine by eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, is that they are ashamed of themselves, of their own nakedness. This obviously goes beyond physical nakedness to their inner spiritual selves which to themselves feel tarnished, and so, now having poured falseness into themselves, they are ashamed before perfection. Thus is an existential condition, they don’t stand proudly before God and then meet with condemnation. Instead they are now in the domain of cause and effect, and shame is the spiritual echo and consequence of sin. Their expulsion from paradise is beyond a physical expulsion, it is expulsion from their own divinity which they had received by grace in their created condition.

What to do next!? Now history is in motion. The greatest yearning is or should be to return to the divine nature and relationship. This is the path of humility and of course of discord with transgression. “I’ve completely f….d up! I need to work my way through this fall and back to the condition of paradise.”

There is another path though, and you could say this is the path of “the world” in its negative spiritual connotations, and that is to say, “We’re going to make heaven here in the condition of our expulsion, and we don’t need to get back anywhere.” Here is agreement with the fall and sin and is the path of pride. All kinds of materialist utopias equate to this. Wokeness is this, under the inevitable veneer of idealism, in overdrive. We will exalt in debasement, and “sin” here is to claim there should be any limits to our focus on gratification of the flesh. This path would logically extend into very dark avenues. Every temptation will parade itself under a veneer - it won’t announce itself as debased!

Suffering, which can be very hard to endure and also to equate to any sense of divine order, can in a positive sense batter at our pride, which can be so intrinsic to our “natural” thought patterns and impulses as to be almost impossible to discern. The sufferings are potentially a means of burning off energies that make our presence in paradise impossible. You can’t be in paradise and simultaneously out of sync with paradise. Beyond simply a response to conditions of life, suffering as an inner condition is the absence of God, the darkness in the absence of light. If we didn’t experience this condition as suffering we wouldn’t be aware of something being wrong that we need to right.

Obviously this subject could extend on and on, but I’ll leave it here.

Monday, 18 April 2022

Andrei Rublev

Two paintings by Andrei Rublev, Russia’s renowned icon painter (1360s-1430), and below the film by Andrei Tarkovsky, an imaginative vision of his life and those times. The opening credits last about 3 minutes if anyone happens to be wondering.

Crackheads Unite


Thursday, 14 April 2022


Out of love for oppressed sections of humankind, the Disney Corporation will henceforth actively discourage in all its magical, fairytale manifestations - films, theme parks, etc - use of the inflammatory and discriminatory terms “boys and girls”. Initially it was thought of replacing these bigoted words with simply “children”, but having decided that this word is also problematic, loaded as it is with all kinds of historical inferences and prejudices, instead the Disney Corporation has decided to go with “birthed persons who for now are identified as underage”. Research suggests this term is likely to cause least damage to the vulnerable.


“Which do you think is more dangerous for us and our civilisation - misinformation or disinformation?”
“It’s very hard to know. I think they’re probably equally terrifying. But honestly it would probably depend on which day you ask me what answer I would give. One day I might say misinformation and I’d really mean it, but then the next day I might respond disinformation and at that moment I’d really mean that. It all depends.”

World Tour

Deep State Cabal are embarking on a world tour in support of their newest long-playing album release Nazis, Pedos and Commies (Are Some of My Best Friends). They will be supported on the tour by both Fake News Shitstorm and The Fact Checkers. Everyone involved is said to be excited, nervous and quadruple jabbed.

Wednesday, 13 April 2022


Because a large part of our personality is naturally imbecile, because we like this imbecility and have a habit of it, we have built ourselves a largely imbecile world to live in. Between congenitally distracted individuals and their distracting, imbecile environment there is set up a kind of self-perpetuating resonance.
Aldous Huxley.

He wrote this in 1941, slightly before the modern age had really got into its stride.

Monday, 11 April 2022

Jean Metzinger

At the Velodrome from 1912, and Landscape from 1921.

Sunday, 10 April 2022

Saturday, 9 April 2022

Ukrainian Nationalism and Nazism

A very interesting article on the history of Ukrainian nationalism over the past century or so, and how enmeshed it has been with Nazism, stemming particularly from how an alliance with Germany was helping in the war against the Bolsheviks at the end of WW1, and then later allying with Hitler against that same communist regime. It worked out as not just a marriage of convenience but rather a very deep ideological entwining of Ukrainian nationalism and Nazism.

The article writes on how the West has been deeply involved in intentionally “grooming neo-Nazis’ in Ukraine for quite a while. I could lift much more dramatic stuff from he article but just to show this is not a faded issue of the past:

And according to current Ukrainian law, there are two kinds of “Ukrainians”—the “Germanic Ukrainians,” along with allied people, the Tatars and Karaites (neither of whom actually live in Ukraine).

Then, there are the undesirable people, who are not legally “Ukrainians.” These are the Slavs, and a few others like the Magyars and the Romani.

This is the “Law of the Indigenous Peoples of Ukraine” which states that only Germanic Ukrainians, Tatars and Karaites have “the right to fully enjoy all human rights and all fundamental freedoms.” It was signed into law by the current BFF of the West, President Volodymyr Zelensky, on July 21, 2021. In other words, racial segregation of society into the Uebermenschen and the Untermenschen.

I actually have a sister in law from Vinnytsia in west-central Ukraine, and though born and bred in Ukraine, because she is Slavic rather than of these “indigenous peoples”, she is a lower class of human within the Ukrainian state and its “ethnically cleansing” official ideology.
So anyway this again is the link to the article:

Friday, 8 April 2022



From Andrei Tarkovsky’s film Stalker.



Thursday, 7 April 2022


“You know what’s the biggest weapon against the demonic energies?”
“No, what?”
“What about Buddha?”
“They’ll laugh at you.”



Can I manage to finish this picture? Getting a change of perspective can actually help - like taking a photo of it and then obvious things becoming apparent that you’d gotten too close to in the flesh, so to speak. And then, who knows, in the race against time, or what happens in time, you might even end up satisfactorily finishing it rather than completely ruining it!

Feminism, Femininity, Toxic Masculinity

[There is an extremely half-arsed pretence to a dialogue going on below.]

“Obviously any kind of oppression or violation of anyone is wrong - just to get that out of the way - but you know why feminism can be so unpleasantly dry and aggressive?”
“Energies can be divided into masculine and feminine and, in terms of this archetypal divide, the masculine particularly relates to exertion of the will within the physical world, and the feminine energy is more a soft, yielding nature, and especially relates to the feelings in the benevolent sense - thus what us evoked by the descriptive term of “motherly”. 
And it is in the arena of masculine energy - specifically  the exertion of the will on the external, material plane - that the feminists, in the sense it will be obvious I am talking about, are set on showing themselves the equal of men. This is at the expense of the wholeness of being and the dual energies of masculine and feminine; instead it is a felt conflict in which the feminists must succeed in showing themselves to be as energetically masculine as men. That is the plane on which this is being enacted: the field of archetypal masculine energy. And here femininity is not just irrelevant but is actually an encumbrance, and a negative value judgement, as all this plays out and extends, is being implied and imposed on the feminine energy.

“And also to add, conflict, where one person’s will is attempting to assert itself over another’s, is obviously again particularly the masculine energetic field, and which logically extends beyond unresolved dialogue onto the decisive plane of physical force. Heavyweight boxing is this masculine field at a very pure level - of the extremes of physique and willpower fighting for dominance. The more purely masculine or feminine the domain, the less present is the other energetic pole within that field. Thus there is very little feminine energy in two huge men trying to knock each other out, but even here if one of them has a grace to his movements, then this could be said to be the presence of the feminine energy, and so  even at this extreme here we see something of the balance of energies and wholeness of life.”

“For feminists, within this described competitive scenario on the energetic masculine plane, because they are not males but female, they end up falsifying themselves to try to attain equality or victory - to be aggressive so as not to supposedly be weak and feminine. They’re trying to show themselves equal or even better on masculine terms, and since they can’t be secure in their masculinity this insecurity is in a state of constant need to display and prove to itself and others the security it doesn’t inwardly possess. The felt energetic deficit on this masculine plane is dealt with by behaving aggressively - exactly the traits of “toxic masculinity” in its genuine sense, where the softer feminine energy is not balancing the self-imposing masculine.” [I’ll provide a video below where we see this in a very pronounced manner, where rather than enjoy the pleasure of conversation with an intelligent male guest, the female BBC journalist  seems to be primed to engage purely on the level of conflict.]

“The greatest problem they have, in terms of this being a great conflict, is that within this competitive playing field, in physical terms, the masculine is far stronger. There are for example zero world records where the female record is greater than the male equivalent.”
“It might change if they allow men to compete as women.”
“True, and, who knows, underneath everything that might even be at play here - the woman will prove herself equal to the man by recruiting a man in her place! Only someone very neurotic would view this physical divide as a problem or something to deny, as an inferiority to overcome. But for these neurotics of course it is a problem, because they have invented a conflict on these terms, and conflict, as said, in terms of its own energetic nature, naturally extends to being resolved physically, and here they meet a very physical brick wall.”

“So anyway for the feminist to achieve parity or victory in the broader sense of life, besides the female forcing herself to become more masculine and deny her femininity, what is also necessary is the male to deny his masculinity, to feminise himself and to abdicate, within the field of masculine energy, his superiority. Thus as a weapon the focus on the negative value judgement of “toxic masculinity” and the blurring of genders in general. The desirability within all this state of conflict is the female behaving more aggressive and masculine, and at the other end the yielding male behaving more feminine. This is all obviously extremely stupid and crude, but that’s what we’re dealing with - extremely crude stupidity!”

“And this subversion of masculinity doesn’t just suit the female measuring herself in masculine terms. Ideologically all this is coming from and fostered by the academic world. Masculinity in the energetic sense particularly relates to the physical sense, and so in these terms the typical male in academia is inferior compared to the typical male say on a building site - which in itself is energetically a very masculine domain. So for the academic, or comparatively thought bound male to measure himself against other males in terms of classical masculine, physical energy, he is a complete loser; and so for him also and his insecurity, the subversion of masculinity as a negative also serves towards his neurotic, inverted victory. Because of course if the feminised male is now the ideal, he is the victor, and his felt opponent, the more classical male type, is labelled a toxic neanderthal. Victory, again in this self induced sense of conflict, is in the denial of masculinity.”

“One other problematic point though for such subverting and more academic types, if they cared much about intellectual consistency - which they don’t seem to - is that within a revered academic ethos like Darwinism, in terms of survival of the fittest the classical male is endlessly superior to the feminine male. So on the level of biological survival the feminised male for instance sacrifices his power as a hunter - the energetic masculine plane - but is completely useless in terms of his ability to be a mother, which is the classical feminine energetic domain! Thus this overall ideological subversion is even extending into this madness of pretending the biological role of mother is not gender based. Obviously this kind of supposed intellectualism is completely in the service of emotive and neurotic agendas and impulses rather than any kind of honest, intellectual integrity.”

[After this pretty abrupt and random end, the earlier mentioned video below]

Monday, 4 April 2022

Into Politics

I’ve decided I’m going to go into the world of politics, not so much because I think I can make a difference, but because I just thought of a slogan I don’t think should be let go to waste. The slogan is:

Bullshit is a social construct.


There was a deep harbour, and around it built up a town. It was perfect for ships, the port was busy, the town thrived. But over time the harbour began to silt over, the waters became too shallow for ships, and so the ships went elsewhere. 

There’s something here about the history or phenomenon of great truths.

Had Nothing

There was a man who had nothing, but then he gave it away so he could get free of it.

“What does that mean?”
“I have no idea. Maybe it doesn’t mean anything, but then again maybe it does.”



Saturday, 2 April 2022

Can a Woman . . . ?


“Can a woman have a penis?” This UK political leader finds this question much too difficult to answer. He would probably have struggled in biology exams back in his school days. It’s doubtful his confused ramblings to the simplest of questions would have met with much reward. He might though, in compensation, have been recommended to go for some form of psychological assessment. That could have been an interesting day out for him. “Do you understand the difference between boys and girls, Keir? Do you know why in school you go to separate bathrooms?” Sullen silence and an occasional darted glance of hatred from Keir. “One day the forces of oppression will pay,” he promises himself. “Blood will flow and the banner of freedom will be raised. It is a matter of destiny. My destiny. And theirs.”

The confused man, for anyone who doesn’t know, is Keir Starmer, the leader of the British Labour Party - I just about do know. You might recall, the supposed whole reason for existence for a left-wing party like the Labour Party used to be to represent the interests of the working classes: the basic realities of day to day living - food on the table, coal on the fire, clothes on one’s back, the children in school - all that kind of matter of fact stuff. After a while though I suppose that must have all gotten a bit obvious and boring, and so now they have moved onto more intellectually stimulating issues, things that involve a certain refinement and civilisation of one’s consciousness. They care, these guardians, just as much as they ever did, it’s just that now they care about slightly different things - like can a woman have a penis. They’re still of course deeply rooted in the matter of fact realities of existence, but it turns out, thanks most likely especially to the efforts of bourgeois, dried up, academic neurotics -  that perennial vanguard of the working classes - that we may have to redefine some of what these matter of fact realities actually are.

As the pinned comment to the above video reminds us, these servants of derangement are the people who were telling us for the last couple of years to “trust the science.” I have my doubts that their allegiance to science is particularly pronounced.