Friday, 28 December 2007

A Charming Vision

The boy-band and related 'artists' as modern variation on Castrato singers.
These modern castratos provoke sexual desire in young girls, which is by definition unrealisable in the denatured lives of these singers who exist in this vision as pure image. The provoked desire of the child's is channelled into lakes of wholly false saccharine sentiment, and the consummation of the castrato's promise of love and the child's desire is in the form of money paid by the child( or child's parents) to the pimps- record companies, Louis Walshes- of these castratos, which then secures the illusion of the loving bond.
This is also an illustration of alchemy under the materialist, consumerist philosophy: the base matter of human emotions transmuted into the higher substance of gold. What use are the ephemeral emotions and desires of a child or adult consumer after all if they cannot become the vehicle for an act of economic consumption? The new patriotism. And one could say that the otherwise dangerous primeval world of the consumer's inner life is justified by this very process of transubstantiation of the body and mind's workings into the higher substances. Rather than a potential source of disorder and inconvenience to society, the inner world of the individual consumer is a convenient pool of resources to be mined and harnessed, and to act as a lubricant for the smooth workings of the societal machine.
In Babylon, Victor Pelevin describes the human's place in the economic world as a cell within an overall economic organism through which passes the life-force of money, but that strangely the economic organism is an endlessly lower evolutionary lifeform than its own cells.

A good time to link to Bill Hicks.


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