Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Papal Blessing

Pope Benedict's popularity has recently surged with the use of his accidentally acquired new catchphrase, "I'm the fucking Pope." His microphone picked up the clearly irritated Pontiff's aside during aired discussion with some of his hierarchical subordinates regarding church doctrine, but the gales of laughter that followed the initial shock have prompted His Holiness to regularly 'drop' the phrase at several unexpected moments since. "He now feels it's almost expected of him," said a Vatican insider.


elberry said...

He looks like a nice man. Apart from the eyes.

Andrew K said...

If the word 'sinister' had been kept in cold storage awaiting the right face to attach itself to, then I think its time could be said to have come.

elberry said...

My judgements about men like Blair and Bush and Cheney - in fact, virtually everyone in Bush's inner circle - are to do with an instinctive revulsion from their pictures. As Auden said, after forty we all get the faces we deserve, and they have them.

While it's hardly rigorous or foolproof, if everyone in those circles just looks slimy, corrupt and evil it does tend to influence one's interpretation of things.

Andrew said...

Cheney is the kind of man who if the word Evil was tatooed across his forehead, it would probably work to soften his features.
Though as I've shown, your Gordon Brown has a charming visage, particularly when he smiles. So natural.