Saturday, 10 May 2008

Aldous Huxley- Abstract & Concrete

From a Paris Review interview, Huxley says:
"It's awfully easy to write abstractly, without attaching much meaning to the big words. But the moment you have to express ideas in the light of a particular context, in a particular set of circumstances, although it's a limitation in some ways, it's also an invitation to go much further and deeper...Dostoevsky is six times as profound as Kierkegaard, because he's writing fiction. In Kierkegaard, you have this abstract man going on and on- it's nothing compared to the really profound fictional Man, who has always to keep these tremendous ideas alive in a concrete form. In fiction you have the reconciliation of the absolute and the relative, the expression of the general in the particular. And this it seems to me is the exciting thing in life and art."

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