Saturday, 26 April 2008

A Tearful Post of Much Humanity

It seems it is the inevitable duty of anyone who begins a blog to make some form of statement as to why they will not be blogging so much or not at all in the uncharted realms of future continuity, and so in an effort to appease the gods- which ones I have to concede my utter ignorance- if pressed the literary ones- so to the business at hand being the declaration of why I may not be blogging, regardless of whether I in fact have the slightest intention of doing or not doing of said so...I regret to say that my desire to colonise the farthest reaches of our solar system are not compatible with the temporal demands demanded of me by the administration of this blog apparatus, & so I regret to say, as already regretfully said, that something or other may or may not happen, or at least may happen less frequently, or perhaps may continue as before, but whichever or either of the many above ways may unfold, comrades, in this earthly existence of much joy and sadness, I would like to thank any readers for reading the words which have appeared here by virtue of my will-power and literacy.
And so it is with great sadness that I admit that until the next post, there will be no intervening posts.

The reader should know that the above literary article originally contained many more words which the editor considered of an excessively inflammatory nature, though these words may be obtained by private correspondence. Please include a self-addressed envelope and a cheque for twenty seven Euros, payable to the recipient.


elberry said...

A sad day.

Andrew said...

A slightly hungover day, but the drunken declaration of not posting till the next post I swear to be truthful to.