Tuesday, 8 April 2008


A check on the performance of my review of Camus' The Outsider at Amazon yields depressing results. Only 3 out of 15 responses found my piece Outside the Inside helpful.
In case any readers can't be arsed searching the link, my review below:

Outside the Inside
My gnomic title is much to ponder regarding this existential book. Existential means to do with existing and this book is to do with the existence of the lead character who is basically an outsider. Read it and think.

The thought of a certain type of person embracing his intellectual commonality with the author of the above suffuses my soul with warmth.


Anonymous said...

3 out of 15 is pretty good. When i put my novel on Youwriteon.com and my script on Triggerstreet.com about 1/3 of the reviewers loved my stuff, 1/3 hated it, and the rest didn't get it but didn't hate it either. At first i was annoyed but then i thought to get even 1/3 is pretty good. You're only on 1/5 but i think this is because you didn't refer to Foucault at any point.

Andrew said...

True, should have mentioned Foucault and modern man's heroic anguish.

Andrew K said...

What was your novel about, btw? I'm afraid reading such an amount on the computer screen is beyond my nature. Are they down as Elberry's?

Anonymous said...

The novel is under my pen name of Walter Aske. It's a typical bildungsroman akin to A Portrait of the Artist in its casual egotism.

The form is that of a university novel for it takes place between my hero's 1st year at uni and about 2 years later. i'm told there's no market for it, i think because it's a 'university novel'.

On a deeper level it's about god and signs of his (or her, if you like) making in our world, but i didn't really manage to integrate this into the plot totally - what you have instead are isolated moments where my hero utters theological insights. So in a sense it failed but i think the humour value makes it a pretty good book. My friend the Viking is a major character, an inevitable source of mirth and death.