Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Mind and Matter

There is a world very like our own, or at least there might be, where human consciousness is involved as an active agent in the world of externality, that the laws of science take effect when man discovers them. Here a brilliant scientist akin to our Einstein discovered that gravity is not ultimately a law after all, but itself a product of human imagining; a manifestation of a stage of development of man's spiritual nature where he is excessively wedded and embedded within the world of matter and externality.
With this mathematically proven discovery, gravity ceased to apply and the world was thrown into unexpected chaos. A more tenacious less easily bored writer than myself might enjoy the ensuing progression of events, but here we just move to the unhappy but inevitable outcome(given the intent of the author), that this scientist was disposed of by the agents of the world state, as were his findings and two academic colleagues who had read his aesthetically pleasing and most perfect proofs.

One student who had read the material was allowed live on the basis that all this went over his not particularly bright head. The proof of the wisdom of this was that with the deaths of the three mentioned- the sole mental knowers and guardians of this new truth- that gravity took effect again and the world re-settled into an equilibrium little damaged by the chaos that had momentarily afflicted itself. There is the very real possibility that a period of extended mental and spiritual stagnation set in as the authorities attempted to strictly curb the scope of intellectual investigation into the Way of Things, for fear of dreadful unforeseen consequences.

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