Monday, 21 April 2008

Literary News

The world of words that is the literary world has been thrown into paroxysms of paralysis by the discovery of a batch of letters by James Joyce in which he admits that his most famous work, Ulysees, was "mostly made up."
"This places things in an entirely new light," said an ashen-faced Joycean academic expert.
"We look like fools," admitted another more forthright Joyceophilean colleague.


Claring said...

To answer your question : In a sense of acknowledging that school will end soon and he will graduate.

We are fools.

elberry said...

At least we know Finnegans Wake is soundly factual, based i believe on a disastrous family picnic.

Andrew K said...

I'm not sure there was a question, Claring, but I'm always grateful for answers.

But what's possibly even worse is that allegedly some of the words in FW are made up.