Friday, 21 March 2008

The War on Democracy by John Pilger

Can be seen here. "A war being waged against all of us."

And speaking of war, A Battery Shelled by Wyndham Lewis.


Tom Warwick said...

Great painting.

chris miller said...

I agree - thanks for introducing me to Wyndham Lewis -- quite similar to my homeboy - Rudolph Weisenborn

As for the movie -- it's a bit heavy handed, wouldn't you say ?

Whatever harm rightwing America inflicted on South America is nothing compared to what leftwing movements inflicted on Eastern Europe and China. (and Wyndham Lewis might well have agreed)

Andrew said...

Well you do know what you're roughly going to get from Pilger. I agree of course about the evil of the totalitarian elements you mention. But I think we're duped into imagining life is a choice of evils. One gang of thugs in one part of a city isn't going to make me feel any better about another gang in another part of town. ALso the work of people like Anthony Sutton shows that some very unexpected elements were funding the rise of socialist like Wall St & the Bolshevik Revolution, and Wall St & the Rise of Hitler.

Andrew said...

Thanks for the Weisenborn tip, striking stuff.

Andrew K said...

A very revealing interview with the mentioned Hoover Institute historian Anthony Sutton here.