Thursday, 6 March 2008

Andrei Tarkovsky

A shot from Andrei Tarkovsky's debut feature film, Ivan's Childhood.
And the great director himself with some thoughts on art here. And a longer extract from behind the scenes footage of the making of his final film, The Sacrifice, here.
Time cannot vanish without trace, for it is a subjective spiritual category. The time we have lived settles in our soul as an experience placed within time.


Anonymous said...

You write very well on art, i'd be interested in anything you write about film likewise...

...and you may find St Augustine's Confessions interesting, he has some good stuff about the nature of time.

Andrew K said...

I have it actually, though unread. My intro book to Wittgenstein mentioned your point about him & time, if I remember right. The second link to Tarkovsky towards the end has him talking about time & the nature of cinema...maybe you're after already watched it. I recommend Tarkovsky's own book, Sculpting in Time, as well worth reading.