Tuesday, 25 March 2008

A Voice for Our Times

It was my privilege on behalf of all the staff here to interview the New Age author, Yevishna Blavatislavsky, recently. Yevishna is the best-selling author of several acclaimed works which have accomplished much in the important work of raising the consciousness of the planet, both on the group and individual level. She achieved early renown for her somewhat academically inclined You and Mother Earth- The Dialectics of Love, though subsequent books were more geared- and very successfully- towards the popular, more unrefined market. These have, of course, included Visualise Your Child's Path to Happiness and Wealth, also Cleanse Your Inner Ocean- The Detoxification of the Superfluous, as well as Healing the Channel of Love- A Guide to Spiritual and Material Success. Subsequently we were bequeathed You Are the Master and Mistress of Your Dreams- Realise Them, and then the beautifully seminal and timely Blessed Are the Poor And the Rich, which penetrated deeply into the zeitgeist thanks to endorsements and exposure on the Oprah Winfrey Show.
Her latest work is the already deeply cherished Shit-Fuck.

Unfortunately the interview with Madame Blavatislavsky has been lost.

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Yevishna Blavatislavsky said...

You are a scholar and a gentleman.