Friday, 24 August 2007

What's in a Name?

Plenty when that name happens to be Yoko "Oh No" Ono. Watch her render unlistenable the greatest band ever rocking their socks off. In the realms of crimes against art, Yoko stands as one of the thother Beatles didn't roar at her to fuck off speaks volumes for their restraint.
To indulge in an idea: Yoko Oh-No as a malevolent spiritual agent sent to sabotage the incredible positive spiritual energies of The Beatles & their widening of the field of human consciousness thru their art. Contrarily, evil wishes consciousness to be narrowed; thus the mainstream's pushing of a culture of ever decreasing circles of idiocy. If the idea were artistically realised, Oh-No could be either a conscious agent of evil or else an unknowing lackey of these malignant spiritual forces; the effect or success of her mission in ending the enlightening band's extraordinary position at the centre of global culture being independent of her knowledge of her role.


MNW reject said...

It reminds me how the common people often mess up great works of art.

Actors and directors messing up, falsifying and rewriting! a Chekhov play I recently went to see; sludged up, dumbed down, clap-trap tv productions of Jane Eyre and other classics.

If only it were a conscious act of evil against art; if only it were. In fact it's just like a herd of elephants trampling over a field of poppies.

But there is some hope. Ex sugar babe and hollow-head Mutya Buena recently teamed up with groove armada in one of those immovable object meets irresistable force scenarios. The result? It was quite a good song actually.

This proves that in the end good will prevail over evil.

Andrew said...

Reminds me of a friend describing his favourite theatre experience which was a performance of Wilde's Importance of Being Earnest by a German theatre group where all the the witty sparkle of the play inevitably completely lost by the slow speaking German actors, but with the result of the play being inadvertently hilariously funny.