Thursday, 10 January 2008

Putrid Stench

Tedious and sick as the world of politics tends to be - or soap operatic masquerade for the masses as it is affectionately known - in response to some quick but unhappy glance at democracy via the magic of television I feel the faint urge to quote from Wolfgang Koeppen's The Hothouse, set in post-war Germany, though the urge is at best faint as the necessity of the following observation to exist in the first place is somewhat depressing, but anyways:

All politics were squalid, it was like gang warfare...There is no such thing as truth here. Just tangles of lies.

No, too tedious. If people want to gorge themselves on the most hopeless of hallucinations, sobeit. Though I'll throw in Gore Vidal's "It makes no difference who you vote for - the two parties are really one party representing four percent of the people.”
A more interesting extract from Koeppen is the following- since I began with him I may as well justify his announced presence:

And then a man was back in the cage he'd been born into, the cage called Fatherland which dangled along with a bunch of other cages called Fatherland, all on a rod, which a great collector of cages and peoples was carrying deeper into history...You were swung on the pole that the great cage bearer had over his shoulder. Who could say where he was going? And did you have any say in the matter? You and your cage might wind up on the pole of the other cage-bearer who was just as unpredictable as the first( and who knows what daemon, what idee fixe was actuating him) in heading for the unknown- an expedition that would be taught to the children in time.


Andrew K said...

Thank the good lord we have interstellar intellects like yours to raise us from the mire.

And heated up slices of cold bread like yourself to give us more prosaic nourishment.
Though I'm under no illusions as to the near impossibility of raising some minds from the mire. They seem to wallow in it without the slightest intent of leaving it. That's the problem when one takes the mire for reality.

Anonymous said...

toast, if you are going to add something, why not resolve yourself to add something useful, rather than displaying your own inadequacies to make a meaningful contribution. That way people will admire you and look forward to your future posts, as opposed to having regretted reading your feeble effort, and thus likely readers will simply glance passed your future posts with total disinterest.

Anonymous said...

One the subject of "Putrid Stench", you may find this interview interesting, by all means watch all the parts of this documentary, but I have added part 8 and you should watch 9 also

Here is an edited extract of an email reply that Eric Phelps gave to an american recently. Very interesting and worth researching further, for a background of the subject behind this interview you will see the few comments I made on "The Count" and "The Benevolent British Empire" posts on this blog (or read Phelps Vatican AssassinsIII), and I added some more info on Elberry's interesting blog (likely I won't post any further on Elberry's as he has a case of the spammers):

Hjalmar Schacht was not jewish.

Agreed. He was a racial German who hated the Jews. He was also a 33rd Degree Freemason who, as head of the Reichsbank before he fled the country, financed the building of Hitler's war machine.

He was Danish-German. He didn't marry a jew, either.

Agreed. Schacht worked with another Masonic White Gentile and head of the Bank of England, Montague Norman. Both hated the Jews and this both worked together financially backing Hitler. It is quite telling that openly anti-Masonic Hitler would accept financing by Masons Schacht and Montague.

Germany never "won" WWI at any point in time.

Agreed. Rome's purpose of WWI (the first phase of the Jesuit Superior General's Second Thirty Years' War (1914-1945)) for Germany was to destroy the Protestant Second Reich established by anti-Jesuit, pro-Jew, Lutheran Bismarck and Kaiser Wilhelm I. (Remember that the Jesuits were expelled from the Reich in 1872 and 550,000 Jews were enfranchised in 1873.) Rome's agents for that destruction were pro-Jesuit Kaiser Wilhelm II (who fired Bismarck, readmitted the Redemptorists (secret Jesuits) in 1893, purchased a beautiful estate for his "friends, the Jesuits" in Rome so the Company could return in that same year after King Victor Emmanuel II had expelled the Order in 1872, and readmitted the Jesuits into the Reich in 1917), General Erich Ludendorff (the "first Hitler" who refused to move over one million German soldiers deep within the USSR to the Western Front thereby losing the war) and General Paul Hindenburg---who would later make Hitler Chancellor at the personal urging of Knight of Malta Franz von Papen.

Desperate attempts at a separate peace were offered, but were rejected.

It was the traitor Ludendorff who called for the Armistice in 1918 after he had thrown the war for the reason given above. Wilson's "Fourteen Points" were offered and accepted by the German delegation. But then the Allies renaged, via the wicked Treaty of Versailles, and warned Germany (which had voluntarily disarmed laying down its arms due to the Fourteen Points) that if she did not submit to unconditional surrender and take full blame for the war guilt as set forth in Article 231, total war would be resumed against Germany within five days as announced by that Masonic Frenchman, Clemenceau. (For the horrible details see Oklahoma Senator Robert L. Owens' The Russian Imperial Conspiracy: 1892-1914, (New York: Albert and Charles Boni, 1927). This outrage called the Treaty of Versailles blamed the Kaiser for starting the war when, in fact the Russians had started it, by mobilizing 800,000 troups on the Eastern border, which mobilization was an act of war in international law. The Kaiser was forced to war and a cursery reading of the wires between Wilhelm and Nicholas II prove it, which wires are given in Owen's tremendous book. As intended, the Jesuits via their high freemasons at Versailles, guaranteed WWII providing the necessary outrage to the plundered German people, Catholic and Protestant alike, who dared to expel the Jesuit Order in 1872.

The best hope Germany had was their success in financing the Bolsheviks, who pulled Russia out of the war.

Indeed, the Kaiser, that tool of the Jesuits, made possible the Bolshevik Revolution via his Secret Train allowed to pass through Germany, its occupants later to reach St. Petersburg. That train ride for Lenin was made possible by Roman Catholic Deputy Matthias Erzberger, that tool of the Jesuits who repealed the Jesuit Law in 1917 thus enabling the Order to re-enter Germany---with its American Army led by Masonic General Pershing. Additionally, since the USSR was not a party to the Versailles Treaty, Gentile Jesuit-trained Stalin and his Bolsheviks helped Hitler and the Nazis rearm Germany for the second half of the Thirty Years' War. This great secret is told by Jesuit Edmond Walsh in his book Total Empire: The Roots and Progress of World Communism, page 190.

In fact, Germany lost WWI at Marnes -- barely a few months into the war.

Disagreed as per above explanation. Germany was betrayed at the Marne by her own officers. Germany had trounced France in 1870-71 after France had provoked her to war as per the design of the Jesuits controlling Napoleon III and his wife. Germany again rolled over France within six weeks in 1940. The same could have been done in 1915 but the Jesuit Coadjutors within the German High Command made sure Germany lost key battles with great losses to her German male population, a Protestant male population that would have resisted Hitler to the death.

Did WWI destroy the "old empire" structures?

Of course! This included the Protestant British Empire losing its shipping; the destruction of the Protestant Second German Reich; the fall of Orthodox Russian Empire leaving the Orthodox Church to the tender mercies of the Jesuit Order's Bolsheviks who murdered over 5000 priests and nuns most of which were anti-Rome; and the Roman Catholic Austria-Hungary Empire, anti-Jesuit Sissi, the Queen of Franz Joseph having been murdered (knifed through the heart) in Geneva by a Jesuit sent anarchist.

Well, if so, that's precisely what the Kaiser intended.

Agreed,as did King George V and Nicholas II, all of which survived the war and lived out their treacherous lives in peace.

His disdain for everyone else was in fact hubris. He planned on ruling the world.

Disagreed. Wilhelm no more sought to rule the world than did Hitler. This was mere propaganda so as to motivate the Allies to fight another Jesuit Crusade against "accursed heretics and liberals" condemned in the Order's wicked Council of Trent (1545-1563). If the Kaiser really sought to win the war, he would have moved his troops from the East to the Western Front and trounced the French. It was the Kaiser and Ludendorff who stabbed Germany in the back.

Germans were never "controlled" by a British-interest.

Disagreed. The German Schroder and American Morgan banking interests worked together before, during and after the war. Jack Morgan, Jr., was the personal and intimate friend of King George V. Both backed Germany to fight a no-win war for Germany that would kill tens of thousands of Dutch Protestants, English Protestants, French Roman Catholic anti-Jesuit liberals (France having expelled the Order in 1902 after Masonic Edward VII had readmitted the Order into Britain in that same year), Italian Roman Catholic anti-Jesuit liberals (Italy haveing expelled the Order from 1871 to 1893), and American Protestants fighting on the Western Front. It was a wonderful Counter-Reformation Crusade that horribly weakened Protestant America and prepared her for Jesuit fascism via the power of James Cardinal Gibbons who controlled all access to the President in the White House by his Knight of Columbus, Wilson's Secretary Joseph Tumulty.

Hitler wasn't a British agent, of course. In fact, he always thought that he could somehow win Britain through propaganda versus outright conquest.

Disagreed. Hitler never intended to conquer Britain. His Battle of Britain was a farce and is addressed by Liddell Hart in his The German Generals Talk. In Chapter X titled, "How Hitler Beat France---and Saved Britain," the author writes on pages 106-107 :

"The escape of the British Army from France has often been called "the miracle of Dunkirk." For the German armoured forces had reached the Channel coast behind the back of the British Army while this was still deep in the interior of Flanders. Cut off from its own bases, and from the bulk of the French Army, it seemed likely also to be cut off from the sea. Those who got away have often wondered how they managed to do so. The answer is that HItler's intervention saved them---when nothing else could have. . . . But although the British Army thus escaped from the trap in France, it was in no state to defend England. It had left most of its weapopns behind, and the stores at home were almost empty. In the following months Britain's small and scantily-armed forces faced the magnificently-equiped army that had conquered France---with only a strip of water between them. Yet the invasion never came. . . . Hitler did not want to conquer England. He took little interest in the invasion preparations, did nothing to spur them on and cancelled them at the first plausable excuse."

Claims about stopping outside Moscow on favorable circumstances to the enemy are another fantasy.

Disagreed. I personally spoke to a former SS man who told me he was 18 kilometers from Moscow and was ordered not to fire a shot in that direction. Moscow could have easily been taken but the Order's Joseph Stalin, overseen by Jesuit Coadjutor Alexander Poskrebyshev in the Kremlin secretly working with Bormann, must be kept in power. So Hitler's advisors refused to allow the Six Army to take Mosow and thus ordered it South.

Anonymous said...

toast, you have obviously no education in the history of the world, your mention of "crazy conspiracy theories" is testament to your own ignorance, and like I said already, if you wish to add something, why not attempt to add something useful or readers will simply pass by your posts without reading them. As for the content of the "conspiracy theories", what I posted has all been proven, do some research if you wish to learn about it, if not then simply be big enough to ignore it, the post you typed just makes you look like a moron!!! And before you decide to retort with an even more idiotic response you might prefer to pay more attention to your own blog, it is severly lacking in comments and the tumbleweeds are blowing through it. As a result, don't expect me to post anything in there, you have so far shown that your not worth it.

Anonymous said...

toast, you are sinking ever lower in my estimation, you are a moron. As for not revealing my identity...we will assume you are not a piece of toast, but don't bother revealing your name, I don't want to know anything more about you, you are a worthless fool.

You can delude yourself in imagining you will be judged the "lesser of the asshole", the truth will disappoint you. As I said previously, your posts will sink you ever further in the estimation, and readers will pay less and less attention to you. I was expecting a miserable answer to further confirm that you are a witless scrote, and I can't say it gave me any pleasure to know you fulfilled the expectation.

By the way, you are alot closer to the truth than you realised when you refered to the Jesuits being the ninja's of the roman catholic church. The Jesuit Order aren't ninja's but they are a military who are sworn to defend the Pope, research the origins of the Order, and look up what Napoleon wrote about them in his memoirs (he too refered to them as a most despotic military), look up what Lincoln and Hitler said about the Jesuits (one killed by the Jesuits, the other working for them). Maybe you could even ask yourself why the Jesuit Order were expelled from 83 countries throughout their history, and even more significantly, why were the restored in those same countries at later dates (usually following bloody wars orchestrated by the Jesuits)

If you had even a useful question as to how it is known the Jesuit Order rule the governments of the world and how that heirarchy works in practice I might have offered you an answer, but you are likely too simple to research it further. You won't get anymore from me, this is all the attention you get, because you aren't worth it.

Anyone else who wants to know more, well I already gave some pointers on previous posts on this blog.

Anonymous said...

I am aware the Inquisitions aren't a thing of the past. Anyone who knows Hitler and Stalins connections to the Jesuit Order, will take a closer look at what exactly happened to the populations under their control and will realise that their activities and much of the slaughter during WWII era was a continuation of the Roman Catholic Inquisitions, wiping out Jews and "heretical" protestants and orthodox peoples.

Shia Muslims are a future target. Recently assassinated Bhutto in Pakistan was Shia-Muslim, Pakistan is controlled by Sunni-Muslims. Iran is Shia-Muslim and the reason why USA are beating the war drums now. Shia Iran is now completely surrounded by Sunni nations (except little Azerbajan in the north) and can be invaded from every direction by the Jesuit/SMOM (kinghts of Malta) US Crusaders with their CIA/Sunni Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda is controlled by the CIA and is Sunni-Muslim. And you all recall US President GW Bush declaring that the war in Iraq was a Crusade (despite repeated highly publicised attempts to refrain him from using such a phrase). The reasons for his use of the word Crusade becomes obvious when you know his connections to the Vatican and the Knights of Malta (his father is Knight of Malta).

Did you wet your pants laughing when you typed your infantile effort at humour?

Anonymous said...

I posted some information on his blog, in a brief reply to 3 questions he raised, namely, USSR, Bolshevik-Jesuit connections, origins of Jesuit Order and Hitler-Romn Catholic connections (he didn't know Hitler was a Catholic). The answers are brief, but may be of interest, and give pointers as to which directions to research. I left the door open to "toast" to ask any questions here, but I don't expect a change of tone. However any genuine question may receive an answer. In fairness I suspect he read the post relating to WWI without any other background info, I assume he hadn't read any of the comments I added to The Count or The Benevolent British Empire, or the few posts I made on Elberry's blog, and we can assume he has heard little about the fundtionings of the Jesuit Order:

USSR was certainly run by the Jesuit Order, Stalin himself have been trained by the Jesuits and having kept contact with the Order all through his life. Stalin attended a theological school in Tiflisi, the school was supposedly "Orthodox", the Jesuit Order was officially expelled from Russia since 1820, and so they continued to work "undercover" as Orthodox priests and as priests from various other denominations (dominicans, capuchins etc). If you research the Jesuits in russia after their suppression in 1820 you will find much evidence of them working in Russia undercover (research it). It is widely known that the theological school in Tiflisi was run by Jesuits, and in an interview Stalin himself declared that they were Jesuit Monks running the school.

It is widely known that the Jesuits have worked undercover in many other religious denominations, not only for the purpose of self-preservation during times of their suppression, but also working to infiltrate other groups. The Jesuits wished to infiltrate the Orthodox church and they gained control of the russian orthodox in 1922. It is one of the Jesuit Oaths to infiltrate other religious groups and they have been caught doing so countless times in history.

Worth noting that the same year Stalin was made the Secretary of the Communist party (after visiting Jesuit Edmund A. Walsh), the Order was re-admitted into Russia (1922) after being expelled since 1820!!!!!!!!

As an aside, it is also interesting to note that in the movie Stalin, the actor portraying Stalin even made mention of the Jesuits when talking to Trotksy. The restoration of the Jesuit Order by the Bolsheviks is very significant.

It is also of great significance that Stalins old schoolmaster, Archbishop Demetrius, survived the Bolshevik purges of the Orthodox Church in the 1920's!!!

The Jesuits had also been expelled from Russia in 1719, but they were restored in 1779. By the way, you could ask yourself why the Jesuit Order were expelled from so many countries, why were they feared so much, and how did they achieve their astonishing restorations years later!!! After their russian restoration in 1779 they worked with zeal to convert Russia to Catholicism before their expulsion some years later. In Stalins time growing up in Russia the Jesuits were officially expelled. It is significant to note that when the Russian Czar relaxed the pressure against Catholicism in 1905 (for only a short period), almost overnight there was 500,000 Catholics in Russia, which is clear evidence that some persons were keeping Catholicism alive in Russia all the time during the suppression, and the Jesuits played their part in that (more than certain they the biggest part). Adding to those numbers it is worth noting that the Czar refused to permit many of the Catholics to declare as Catholic and were counted as Orthodox, so the number of officially declared Catholics should have been much higher.
If you are looking for evidence of Jesuit presence in Russia after 1820 and before the Bolshevik Revolution then you could look at the Jesuit Father Werczynski in Moscow as one example, he had converted thousands to Catholicism, despite the Jesuits being surpressed, a clear demonstration that the Jesuits were still very active in Russia. The Jesuits survived in Russia throughout both suppressions.

Ignatius Loyola and Francis Borgia, co-founders of the Society of Jesus (Jesuit Order) were both of the Black Nobility. The Order was created as a religious/military Order to destroy the Protestant/Lutheran Reformation and were sworn to defend the interests of the Roman Catholic Church. They soon became the most feared Order in the world and in 1870 they took control of the Vatican itself.

The Knights Of Malta control all major publishing worldwide. They are another religious/military Order who have sworn an oath of allegiance to the Pope. The Knights of Malta were driven off of Malta by Napoleon (who was working for the Jesuit Order, for reference look to Jesuit Abbe Emmanuel Seiyes who played a huge role in the French Revolution, and Napoleons rise to power, he was Napoloens adviser and was second Consul). When the Knights Of Malta were driven off Malta they moved to St. Petersburg, which was also a haven for the Jesuits after their suppression by the Papacy and western europe governments. When in St. Petersburg they formed an alliance with the Jesuits which survives to this day. If you research the Knights of Malta you will discover their connections to publishing, the media (eg Rupert Murdoch), CIA (eg, Dulles, Bush etc), banking (eg Rothschilds, Rockefellars etc) and much more. The Knights of Malta are under the control of the Jesuit Order, so yes, they do control mainstream publishing worldwide.

The DaVinci code is simply a work of fiction based on some truths, a book of no significance, later turned into an even less significant movie.

Hitler was an open Roman Catholic, he never hid the fact. Himmler was also a Roman Catholic, as was Goebells. Himmlers uncle had a very powerful role in the SS, he was a Jesuit Preist. Franz Von Papen who did so much for Hitlers rise to power was both Roman Catholic and a Knight of Malta. Hitler often said that the Third Reich was working for the Roman Catholic Church and he said the SS was based on the structure of the Jesuit Order and compared Himmler to Loyola. Study Hitlers reichskonkordat with the Vatican, which is a reverse of the dealings Bismarck had with the Vatican. Incidentally nobody from putside of Germany did more for Hitlers rise to power than the Pope himself. The reichskonkordat effectively ended resistance to Hitler.

It is also proven that both Hitler and Stalin (and Napoleon) were freemasons, and Freemasonry is also under the control of the Jesuit Order. All those men openly spoke out against Freemasonry and Secret Societies but their membership of masonic lodges has been proven.

If you do research it you will certainly realise the covert power the Vatican has in the world today and the role the Jesuit Order has played in many of the wars in the world over the last 200 years. If you were to wonder the power of the Jesuits (or the Knights of Malta) in UK, I can inform you that the British Queen is the head of the British Knights Of Malta, and Tony Blair is also Knight of Malta, has recently publicly converted to Catholicism (it was known he was a secret Catholic for a long time). Rupert Murdoch owned much of the British media, I have already stated he is Roman Catholic Knights of Malta.

And there is No Zionist Conspiracy, the zionist leaders are under the Vaticans control, I could elaborate, but I have typed enough for now.