Tuesday, 8 January 2008

The Devil's Dilemna 2: The Great Gullibility Test

Here's an interesting scenario. An airliner is heading for a skyscraper under the command of crazy suicidal hijackers. It hits the building and a huge fireball instantly ensues. However, a break for the authorities: a hijacker's passport sails safely out of this instantaneous infernal chaos and falls to the ground below to be acquired by the FBI, which somehow puts them on the trail of the hijackers' identities.

A coward, as described in Devil's Dilemna Part 1, responded when told of this that this was fabrication by conspiracy theorists, and show the proof that the authorities are making such ridiculous claims as to a terrorist's passport falling to safety from the fireball. In response, he was directed to the official 911 Commission Report, and shown the lines therein:

Four of the hijackers’ passports have survived in whole or in part. Two were recovered
from the crash site of United Airlines Flight 93 in Pennsylvania. One belonged to a
hijacker on American Airlines Flight 11. A passerby picked it up and gave it to an
NYPD detective shortly before the World Trade Center towers collapsed. A fourth
passport was recovered from luggage that did not make it from a Portland flight to
Boston onto the connecting flight, which was American Airlines Flight 11.

Our poor coward was then shown this footage of the crash site of Flight 93 from where, as shown, the 911 Commission claims two more passports were recovered. As FOX reporters described "There's just a hole in the ground. There was nothing you could distinguish that a plane had crashed there." "All you could see was a large crater and just the tiniest, tiniest debris."
Our coward then responded by saying yes, this was all quite plausible, and no, there was no question that this all amounted to planted or fabricated evidence.

One might have thought that the authorities could have gone to somewhat greater depths to create a credible plotline for their version of events, but presumably knowing of the impenetrability of the intellectual defence mechanisms of so many of the cowards, they didn't feel it worth the effort.

It might be interesting to imagine a conversation.

"How are we gonna link to the supposed hijackers."
"Simple. We'll say we found a passport that fell out of one of the planes outside the World Trade Centers, that turns out to be that of a dangerous terrorist."
"Come again."
"We find a passport, and that gives us the lead."
"You can't be serious. They'll never buy that."
"They're fucking morons. They'll buy anything."
"Yeah but there's limits."
"There's no fucking limits. Just watch them swallow whatever shit we feed them."


Anonymous said...

Never underestimate the stupidity of the average person

Andrew K said...

Though things like this are what led me to the concept of the slave mentality and the necessity of things like cowardice as being at the heart of a person who believes such blatant bullshit. Stupidity doesn't suffice, as noone could seriously believe in the passport of a terrorist ending up in the FBI's hands after an airliner hits the WTC.

Andrew K said...

The Appalling Vista post is also related.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, i dunno, they could have been special super-duper tough passports, made out of titanium.

Anonymous said...

can't have been made of titanium, because titanium was supposed to have melted at another 9/11 crash site, and miraculously one of the sky-jackers passport survived that inferno also (Hanje Hanyour being the skyjacker in question if I recall correctly). The passports must have been made out of Kryptonite and came from a galaxy very far away!!!!!!..at least thats what the presenter of this documentary speculates (56th min or so)

Andrew K said...

My theory is the terrorists had cast a magic spell over their passports protecting them from destruction- it being a pain in the ass to go through the procedures of renewal- & this power also explains how quite a few of the named hijackers are still alive and well.