Monday, 19 August 2013

Stairs, Slippy

The stairs were slippy, not because something had spilt on them but simply because that was the way they were - slippy. You had to be careful going down, or even up . . . or at least it was advisable that you be a bit careful, a bit aware of their slipperiness . . . though maybe that's going a bit too far, more than likely, aware or not, you'd be fine however you chose to come up or go down; but however there was yes the chance that if, lacking in all restraint, you were a bit flippant in the manner in which you attacked these stairs, then who knows what might happen . . . that is you might fall, and it might even be a bad fall, though of course on the other hand it mightn't be bad at all.

To be honest, I've forgotten why I brought up these stairs and their slipperiness. They must have been leading somewhere . . . but where and why though, if they were, I've no recollection. Though then again maybe they weren't ever leading anywhere, and that's all I had to say all along.


BrdlyHys said...

If both the stairs were created slippy and you at some point were born slippy, that could be the starting point for the search to an explanation.

Andrew said...

Aahh . . . born slippy. Lager lager.