Friday, 19 April 2013


"What do you think of the State?"
"I suppose it's a bit, or maybe a lot, like Santa Claus - a piece of make-believe which functions because we behave as though it were real."


Neil Forsyth said...

Hi Andrew. Haven't looked in at your blog in a long time or any blog for that matter. Can't think what I've been doing these past few years. Drinking, reading and smoking mostly and wasting the rest of my time. Glad to see you're still hard at it. Although not quite so prolific as you once were. Some states are better than others, I suppose. All will ultimately fail. But right now, at least in most Western states, it is a slowly improving situation (notwithstanding the vagaries of the global market economy).
Still at the music?

Andrew said...

Hi Neil, good to see you're still in the land of. Not much activity music or creativity wise for a while as health's been bad though maybe I should be a bit kinder to the blog & post a bit more though little motivation thatways.