Wednesday, 28 October 2015


I'm writing the following and present piece, whatever it's going to be, in sort of homage to the great Socrates, who was forced more or less to poison himself because he wouldn't shut up annoying people.

A man, Typhus, was walking down a street of Athens when he was joined by Socrates who asked him how he was, to which Typhus with a premonition of doom answered, "I am fine."
"Ah but what do you mean you are fine?"
"I mean up till a minute or so ago at least I was feeling well."
"And what do you mean by well? Is it a state of well being in itself or is wellness a state in relation to other states, themselves also relative."
"Fuck off."
Typhus walked off leaving the surprised Socrates behind who, after shouting something about the unexamined life being not worth living, then began humming to himself the words, "Making the world a better place."

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