Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Jerusalem, Montefiore, etc . .. injection

I recently bought 'Jerusalem The Biography' by Simon Sebag Montefiore, the back cover of which includes quotes by such political and, of course by natural extension, intellectual luminaries as Henry Kissinger - "Magnificent . . . a treasure trove", and Bill Clinton - "Spectacular . . . It's a wonderful book."
Humbled as I am to be in such company, I would add - "A tedious monotonous read which I am trying to force myself to wade through for the doubtful purposes of self-education."

. . . Ok, a bit unfair . . . or no, not that unfair, that does largely describe my experience of reading it. It's one of those books which I wish whose information could be ingested in the form of say an injection - a quick way of gathering its endless reams of  "This happened, then this happened, and then this, then this, and then this, and would you believe it, followed by this . . . " etc.

That the method of injection wouldn't be an entirely painless way of ingesting the book, and for some like myself a bit mentally uncomfortable, well this would add some measure of authenticity to the experience.

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