Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Social Media, Relevance, More So

An idea for a new social media site catering for the needs of today of those living in the times we live in now. The germ of the idea is that existing variants, such as Twitter, while culturally legitimate perhaps in relation to the time of their initial gestation, have become, in these accelerating times, obsolete due to the excessive verbosity within which they unashamedly wallow. My site, both more relevant and attuned, will be useful for keeping in touch with Celebrities and Friends but will also hope to foster and encourage debate and discussion of contemporary issues of relevance to the above as mentioned times we live in now.

The most relevant and revolutionary advancement on existing alluded to Social Media variants will be that User posts and responses to posts can be up to but no longer than one word in length. If what you have to say cannot be said in less than two words, then it isn't worth saying. Anything longer is pretentious.

In homage to Free Speech there will be no restrictions within the field of utilised language except that it will be vehemently and electronically moderated that, in the interests of democratic principles, the chosen employed single word be no longer than a single syllable. Users are asked to modify themselves accordingly.

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