Monday, 29 November 2010

Science & Language

Science, in all its manifestations, is not an autonomous or 'pure' discipline, but is encompassed within, or is a branch of Language. This can't be stressed enough though prior to this I'm not sure it's been stressed at all. What science, or true science, consists of is true language statements, and so the first principle of science is the innate and intrinsic meaningfulness of correct language; and science in all its applications also demonstrably shows the intrinsic truth and power of correct language, while also emphasising the absolute necessity of the language's correctness and precision.

 'Meaning' never soars free from the language, contrary to what seems to be often imagined in the field of language termed philosophy, as shown for example in this look at the notion of Eternal Recurrence. Again to stress, philosophy, like science, and as with all language disciplines - history, etc, is existentially a matter of language.

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