Monday, 18 October 2010


Trapdoors, the place was full of trapdoors; and the funny thing was that even after placing oneself unfortunately right  above one of these trapdoors and the trapdoor swinging open and down one going, one didn't even notice it had opened nor down which the going. And as for the odd and unpleasant place one had gone and ended up . . . one didn't seem to notice that either.


eamon said...

Hi Andrew,

Been reading yr stuff for a while now on the naut. Am a definite fan. Now I have some mad advice. You should do what fellow nauter Marc Lowe does: format it with loving care, in a half decent font, and put the lot up in a pdf : ie a collection of these pieces.

If they're not willing to download it, they're not fit to read it.

Just ban scrolling. That's what I did on my site. A jihad on scrolling, Andrew.

- eamon

Andrew Kenneally said...

Thanks Eamon; when I get a bit of time I'll look into that.