Friday, 14 May 2010

Leo Strauss, Christopher Hitchens

Excellent piece on Leo Strauss here, by Claude Steiner. Strauss preached a philosophy of deceit of the masses by a ruthless ruling elite who had come to terms with the alleged inherent truthlessness of life, who because of the stated absence of any moral truth to life were permitted any actions, there being no inner truth of life to transgress. In essence this is philosphical diabolism, where one states falseness to be truth, and Strauss unsurprisingly favoured the totalitarian form of fascism as the ruling ideal. Strauss is considered a philosophical father figure to the American neo-cons.

Interesting then to see here here in his anti-Islamic piece, Chrisopher Hitchens claiming Strauss as a fellow soul to the very definitely anti-authoritarian poet and essayist Czeslaw Milosz; though given Strauss' preaching of lying to the masses about one's true intentions, then as Hitchens more or less openly nods and winks those exalted few in the know about Strauss' ideology, his piece reveals itself as an example of Straussianism in action, i.e. deceit of the masses by a ruling elite. Hitchens reveals himself here as part of the intellectual armoury of this body, as he ludicrously posits Strauss as an example of the opposite to dictatorial 'Islamic' rulers and instead of one with an avatar of freedom such as Milosz - all done as intellectual justification for whatever military actions the lying Straussian elite are choosing to embark on.

The problem with such blatant disingenuousness as Hitchens operates here designed to deceive the contemptible masses - as regarded by those of Strauss' outlook - is that while full sure of the cloak of deceit one is wearing, invisible to all but one's fellow travelling elite, when someone else is aware of the intellectual signs one is using, then one has revealed oneself in one's full lying truth - though presumably people such as Hitchens imagine that anyone advanced enough to be aware of the philosophy of people like Strauss must, superior as they clearly are, also be of one deceving mind with themselves.

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