Sunday, 24 January 2010

Determinism, Sound

There is the notion, a rampant ideology even, that everything is determined. What does 'determined' mean here? That everything is determined by something else. Nothing stands alone. You could hear some sound, and that sound is, say, a bird singing. So then the proponent of the idea will say that the sound is determined by the existence of the bird and its biological capacities for making sound, and the existence of the bird is determined by the existence of reality, and reality is determined by ... what? How can it be determined by something other than itself, since itself, reality, what is real, is all that is. But ignoring that contradiction, this is determinism. Nothing is to be experienced as or in itself; its higher truth is that it has been determined by something else preceding it. And naturally with sound, it is true that something else is causing the sound, but just because something is causing it, what difference does that make? You might imagine yourself at a music concert, complaining that the music is determined by the sound-making capacities of the instruments, and so . . . So what? [ Though, and it would be too involved to go into now, I think it would be far better to say that musical sound in music, has been initiated or preceded by a physical instrument rather than 'determined' by it. ]

But allowing that sound is determined, or caused; and so this world of determinism holds true; and if it is to fully hold true then all must be able to be described as determined. Well, what about silence. Silence is not determined by anything other than itself. It is meaningless to try and assert that silence is determined by lack of sound, as lack of sound or lack of something doesn't exist, and so how can something that does exist, like silence, be determined by something that doesn't exist? So in silence is truth beyond determinism.

Though silence cannot be experienced as an idea but only as itself, and so it becomes clear how much of an enemy this silence is to to the likes of this determinism. For determinism, materialism, etc are creatures of language, thought; manifestations and lures of an atrophied, sickening state of consciousness, and their intellectually self-contradictory claims to life's 'meaninglessness' betray themselves as just such false manifestations. True thought is intrinsically & tautologically true and meaningful, so the very notion of life's being meaningless is a parody of thought. The word 'meaningless' means without meaning, and so if life is without meaning, then it contains no meaningful statements about life, and so cannot contain the statement of its being meaningless. The idea of life's being meaningless is tautologically a meaningless idea, i.e. not an idea at all. Identically notions like Camus' idea of the absurd. It's simply absurd, not a meanignful idea, since a meaningful idea is not absurd but meaningful, hence a true idea, and not just words placed in some kind of order but without true meaning. If life were genuinely absurd, it could not contain the idea of its being absurd since true ideas depend on life's being meaningful and not absurd.

A true idea is or exists, is a genuine manifestation of reality; while a false idea is a sequence of words which offers the illusion of comprising a genuine intellectual structure, but if examined properly is shown to be an illusion, unreal.


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