Sunday, 18 October 2009

Pedestrians and Non-Pedestrians

"A pedestrian bridge, that is a bridge, below which water, atop which, generally, pedestrians; pedestrians in motion from one end to the other, and at each end or beginning, depending on one's visual line of attack, a person seated on the ground."
"So pedestrians traversing a pedestrian bridge bracketed by two non-pedestrians. Are they the guardians of the bridge, these non-pedestrians?"
"No, down-and-outs. Or if not down-and-outs, people giving the impression of being down-and-outs."
"Why would people want to give the impression of being down-and-out? Humility?"
"No, for money."
"What money?"
"Pedestrians might give them money if they believe them to be really down-and-outs."
"That's hardly an achievement, is it? 'I've successfully attained the status of being a down-and-out. Now reward me.' I don't see the logic there. And people really give them money?"
"Sometimes yes. Otherwise they wouldn't do it."
"And you're sure they weren't performing tricks or something?"
"No, just sitting down with a maybe a cap in front."
"And what does the cap do?"
"The cap doesn't do anything. Pedestrians might put money into it."
"Maybe the money was for the quality of the impression."
"What impression?"
"The impression of being a down-and-out."
"No, they only give money if they're convinced it isn't an impression. That he really is down-and-out."
"And they're happy with that then? 'You've convinced me. Here have some money.' I still don't get it."