Wednesday, 5 August 2009


I am not one to remain through life in one firm steadfast position. How could you live a life like that?- remaining steadfast in the one position. Everyday people pass you by, on the way to work or the shops, and there you are, steadfast; and what's more, expecting to be admired for it, your perpetual immobility, your immovability - for what I suppose would be the point if you weren't observed and admired, by someone other than yourself that is. Not that you couldn't observe and admire yourself, but how could you keep that going with any sense of enthusiasm? Though then again perhaps there's some of us- I'll speak inclusively - who'd be more than glad to spend an entire life - an entire life and more if they could - just so ceaselessly observing and admiring themselves, and all with the utmost, unflagging enthusiasm. So I suppose you could have such a man standing there, steadfast, utterly; outwardly he'd look serious, stern, composed, corporeal - certainly no figure of fun to be laughed at by passers-by - but inwardly the lapping waves of rapture...

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