Tuesday, 3 August 2010



Tom C said...

I've just read the Collected Stories of Lydia Davis and have discovered a writer with considerable synergy with you. See my review here http://snipurl.com/10bqb4 - I've referenced the post back to your blog as you will see from the last paragraph of my post.

Andrew Kenneally said...

Thanks very much for that, Tom. I'd read your review and had liked her line: "The sheer length of a thought of his didn’t make me recoil exactly – I loved working on it – but it made me want to see how short a piece of fiction could be that would still have a point to it, and not just be a throwaway joke".

Though at times I like the blurring of whether a piece is profound or perhaps just a throwaway joke! Kind of like a personal take on zen koans where the rational mind finds itself in perplexing situations.