Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Polish Health Ministry on swine flu vaccines

Here. Polish Health Ministry Mrs Ewa Kopacz gives speech in Polish Parliament on serious issues with swine flu vaccines safety and why the Polish government are rejecting the vaccines.

And Austrian journalist Jane Burgermeister here.
She talks of how it was revealed to Austrian parliament that 72 kilos of vaccine material was found to be contaminated with avian flu, after a Czech laboratory found all ferrets they tested these vaccines on died as a result. If the vaccines had been accepted in good faith, these lethal "vaccines" would have been released to the general public. How these vaccines could be "accidentally" contaminated with avian flu and made lethal to their subjects is extremely difficult to conceive. This appalling degree of negligence - malign or accidental - has since been since more or less been completely ignored by the authorities and mainstream media.

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