Sunday, 30 November 2008


It is understood that being discussed in high places is the possibility of Great Britain being renamed Strictly Big Celebrity Island. Recent winner of Presidential Idol elections, Mr B Obama, said that he wouldn't like to comment on another nation's internal affairs "even if that nation was engaged in an ongoing incestuous fascist alliance with my own", but if pushed would admit to being "upbeat" about the suggestion.

There are also faint waftings that the American War of Independence, where America and Britain parted ways, is to be erased from the history books due to the concept of said nations' independence of each other having become all a bit too embarrassing- if anyone starts to exercise their mental faculties in said intellectual direction. Though it could of course be argued that the exercising of mental faculties in any intellectual direction, other than the deranged and inane, has become something not to be particularly worried about.


Anonymous said...

Where is one sent if voted off?

Andrew K said...

I think to get sent off you need to appear in the "I'm a Human Being, Get Me Out of Here" show, which has a very exclusive guestlist.