Friday, 2 May 2008

Art of Deception

On no account should you consider the given photo being of a building suffering due to the consequence of very powerful explosives blowing it to shit. Such a conclusion should be discounted as simply arising from one's brain interpreting sensory information in a rational manner. No, this poor building is apparently collapsing due to the entirety of the metal structures simultaneously melting, and the weight of each floor weighing down on the one beneath, and so on, as the 911 Commission tells us, even if strangely contradictory to such explanation, the three buildings that collapsed that day all fell at a rate of freefall and so much faster than consistent with the official pancake theory, and in perfect symmetrical pattern into their own footprints, exactly in the manner of controlled demolitions; ie extremely powerful explosives blowing buildings to shit. And one building, being WTC7, not having been hit by any plane, only suffering from relatively mild fires still managed to collapse in the above manner, in defiance of all expectation of the behaviour of steel structured buildings, which creations should require great persuasive force to collapse at a rate of freefall into its own footprint, such persuasive force historically confined to the world of controlled demolitions, which explain the above phenomena absolutely perfectly.
So to emphasise, not a photograph of extremely powerful explosives blowing a building to shit. Collaborating thoughts byDutch demolition expert Danny Jowenko. Or an article by Steven Jones, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Brigham Young University, Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse?.

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