Monday, 28 April 2008


I have received a flurry of requests from relatively underdeveloped areas of Central Europe for etymologically themed posts, and while this isn't an area of any real personal interest or knowledge I still feel obliged to comply, even if in unconvincing manner. However, even without the sustaining force of enthusiasm, or knowledge, such a venture can possibly be justified by the strength of the imaginative force the mind housed by my physical organism possesses, and so . . .

It is not widely known - in fact perhaps not known by anyone but myself and those about to encounter the words appearing on the horizon of the awakening future - that the unicorn is a word of both strange and prosaically rational origin. Legend has it that a mad king of the early Middle Ages having had young men of his court retinue castrated- for reasons of dubious worth related to singing or general amusement- then had the stricken appendages grafted onto the foreheads of favoured beasts of his equestrian stable, which is to say his horses, for reasons of dubious worth relating to insanity.
It was important that the castrations occured while the phallus was in a state of erection. The horses were proudly described as eunuch-horns, in time this becoming the modern unicorns.

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