Sunday, 20 January 2008

Bela Tarr on the Simplifying Collective

In answer to the previous question- 'What did it mean- the people?'- the Hungarian film director, Bela Tarr, describes the collection of short films, Visions of Europe:

This film tells us that each human being has a life, that each human being has a face, a critical look and a name that are inalienable - that each human being has a dignity. We must try to protect this dignity. Should anyone be deprived of it, we must try to conquer it back for them. This film is about human dignity, it shows humiliated, offended people, it is a film from Hungary.

And do yourself a favour and watch the following few minutes of "Prologue" by Tarr.


Anonymous said...

here a good speech excellently delivered, made in 1976. You can think of the US media in the aftermath of 9/11 (terrorist threats everywhere, get mad, support our army to invade afganistan & Iraq, don't question why, just get mad as hell and support us, we got to do something, get mad, hate muslims, etc)

Andrew K said...

Not alot to do with Bela Tarr though!

Andrew K said...

Though I see it's from Network. Rest of that clip here

Anonymous said...

yes, when you see the rest of the movie you see that small exert has a slightly different meaning when he says get mad as hell.

But I liked the shortened version.

Anonymous said...

in that clip, when he says "the air is unfit to breathe", if you have seen this clip it takes a stronger meaning